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HOA Property Inspections


Regular property inspections are performed by our staff, to ensure adherence to the rules and regulations of the community. Landscape walks are also scheduled with the landscape vendor and/or board or committee members on a regular basis. Maintenance support staff also attend property inspections to ensure the highest levels of maintenance standards are met.

Our staff manages calls, emails and requests from homeowners regarding maintenance issues in the association. Our maintenance staff are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the event of an emergency.

Communications from homeowners are entered into our tracking system, and a phone call and email request are sent to the appropriate vendor.

The maintenance coordinator is provided with notification from that vendor, with the date and time of an inspection regarding the matter and the results of the inspection or repair.

Details and confirmation of completion are included in the work order report, which is provided in the director’s report for the following board meeting.

Violation Coordination

Regular property inspections are performed by our staff to ensure compliance with the association’s governing documents. All inspections are performed in a timely manner and include a picture of any violation that is found. Follow-up violations communication can occur immediately after a visit to the community. At the board’s discretion, a report can be sent with the monthly management report.

All violations communication occurs between the homeowner and management company. This ensures the Board of Directors is not directly involved in the violations process, as maintaining solid relationships within the community is very important.

Details of the violation, along with a picture, are provided to the homeowner and board to ensure proper tracking and accuracy.

Property inspections can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or otherwise.

Onsite violations are completed with the assistance of our violations technology. This ensures accuracy and allows us to report issues promptly.

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